Radio hand-held transmitter EFS-xMP

  • Ready-to-use, compact hand-held transmitter with 2, 4 or 6 buttons
  • Factory-set and user-configurable
  • Configurable for our fixed code or Keeloq rolling code protocol
  • Compatible with most of our radio receivers (433 MHz and 868 MHz)
  • LED for transmission control
  • Operation free of registration and charges in the EU and Switzerland
Frequency 433.92 MHz | 868.3 MHz
Transmission power max. 1 mW
Range (in open field) ca. 100 - 150 m
Number of channels 2 | 4 | 6
Operating element Push buttons
Labelling -
Code 20 bit (linear) | 32 bit (Keeloq)
Code setting configurable
Modulation ASK (AM)
Transmission control optical (LED)
Power supply typ. 7 mA (max. 15 mA)
Protection class IP40
Dimensions 75 x 40 x 16 mm

The hand-held transmitters in the EFS-xMP series are compact and low-cost devices that are available for both the 433.92 MHz and 868.3 MHz frequency bands. However, the frequency band cannot be changed.

The code setting is usually done at the factory and is matched to the corresponding radio receiver. The configuration can be changed by the user with the appropriate programming adapter. The required software is available for free.

The EFS-xMP hand-held radio transmitters can be combined with most of our radio receivers (433 MHz and 868 MHz). They can be programmed for either a fixed code or a Keeloq application (rolling code).

The functions are set on the radio receiver. The hand-held transmitter simply transmits a code that the radio receiver uses to execute the specific function.

Together with a compatible radio receiver, the user receives a flexible system that can be customised to the requirements and the respective application at any time.

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